Your health and your body are worth fighting for – that’s the philosophy of the Krav Maga Conditioning Program.

Our Krav Maga Conditioning Program is an innovative strength and conditioning program intelligently designed to increase human power and performance.

Krav Maga Conditioning utilizes the discipline of Krav Maga combined with effective athletic training techniques, and has become a powerful tool for people of all ages who want to feel leaner, stronger, and more balanced in body and mind. Our program is carefully designed, incorporating scientific methodologies with a wide variety of training and conditioning techniques to ensure energy, functionality and fun!

Areas of Focus

Our understanding of conditioning divides training into two areas: the SKILLS you learn and the HEALTH you achieve.

Krav Maga Conditioning provides the following:


  • Balance
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Coordination
  • Reaction


  • Cardio-Respiratory Endurance
  • Musculo-Skeletal Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Endurance

Our Krav Maga Conditioning Program offers specialized and unique fitness classes that you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you are interested in fitness classes only, or you wish to enhance your Krav Maga self defense and fighting training, the Krav Maga Conditioning Program brings a fresh experience to the total body workout.

We welcome students of all levels in our fitness classes.

For detailed information about our Krav Maga Conditioning program please