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Straight Punch Low – Three Positioning Tips

There are three details often neglected by beginners while performing the Straight Punch Low: Changing levels. Rolling the shoulder up. Moving the head off the centerline. This video demonstrates these three positions and explains why they are important to do while delivering the Straight Punch Low. Transcript: “Hey, this is Randall with This video we’re going to discuss the…

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Straight Punch – Rear Hand (Cross) – Proper Pivot

One of the most important, but often neglected, components to throwing an effective Straight Punch with the Rear Hand (Cross) is to pivot properly with the back foot. This video reviews why the pivot is important and demonstrates three common mistakes to avoid while performing the pivot. Transcript: “Hello, this is Randall with With this video, I’m going to…

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Straight Punch – Lead Hand (Jab) – Power Tips

“How do I get more power?” is a common question we get after a student learns the Straight Punch with the Lead Hand (Jab). This video demonstrates and explains two tips to get more power in the punch. Transcript: “Hi, this is Randall with, and this video I’m going to show you how to create power when you throw…

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Side Kick – Tips to Improve Balance

Video with tips to improve balance while performing the side kick. Out of all the kicks taught in Level 2, this one gives students the most trouble. Transcript: “Hello, this is Randall with and with this video we are going to give you some tips to help you with the balance of the side kick. In our particular program…

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Passive Tactical Stance – Body Language and Distance

The Tactical Stance is used as a safe position to talk your way out of fight. Two key points to an effective Tactical Stance is body language and distance. This video demonstrates and explains important details for both points. Transcript: “Hi, this is Randall with In this video I’m going to explain what the passive tactical stance is and…

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Passive Stance – Neutral and Natural Stance Difference

The first technique all our new Krav Maga students learn is the Passive Stance. This is your starting position for many of your self-defense techniques to simulate a surprise attack. However, there’s a Passive “Neutral” Stance and a Passive “Natural” Stance. A common questions is “What’s the difference between the two?” This video explains the differences between the Neutral and…

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Palm Strike – Two Mistakes to Avoid

Two minor but common mistakes students tend to make while performing the Palm Strike is an incorrect hand position and telegraphing the strike. This video addresses both mistakes and how to fix them. Transcript: “This is Randall with and in this video I’m going to discuss two little mistakes that are pretty common when it comes to delivering the…

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Movement in Fighting Stance – Shadowtraining Tips

One of the most under practiced yet important techniques in Krav Maga is Movement in the Fighting Stance. One of the best ways to practice this is while shadowtraining. This video gives multiple tips on improving your footwork while shadowtraining. Transcript: “Hi, this is Randall with and this video I’m going to give you a quick tip on how…

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