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April 19, 2019

New Krav Maga Video – Choke from Behind against a Wall (Side Step Variation).

This Student Section video shows how to use a side step variation while performing the defense against Choke from Behind against a Wall (Level 2 technique).

The side step variation works better against stronger attackers and puts the defender in a better tactical position to avoid possible secondary attacks, to finish the fight and flee the scene for safety.

Mitch Sandler letterApril 18, 2019

“Krav Maga can save your life, without throwing a single punch, block or kick.”

Thank you Mitchell Sandler for sharing this letter. Great job Mitch!

Dear Randall,

Two years ago, I came to Krav Maga, for a motivating/disciplined workout.  I got much more than I bargained for.  I’ve met great people, and learned self defense from most excellent professionals.  But there’s more.

Last month, my doctor ran a routine EKG, which came back “abnormal” twice.  Holy cow!  I was referred to a cardiologist.  During my consultation, I explained I run almost every day and two years into Kick Boxing.  he said, as he wrote on my chart, “casual exercise.”  I was pissed and said, “No, vigorous exercise!”  I was thinking of your sadistic game of “Tag” with Greg/Peter running intereference and J.J.’s deadly fight class.

This past Friday, I had the stress echocardiogram.  Picture NASA astronaut training, complete with electrodes taped to my chest, one technician looking at one screen, and another technician taking my blood pressure every three minutes.  The treadmill when faster and higher every three minutes, with the target rate of 160 BPM.  After 15 minutes, the machine was at the highest speed, and my heart rate would not go higher than 152.  It was like inside defenses at half speed.  The doctor said, “We’re going to be here all day.”

Well, the nurse technician said, I could tell you’re in good shape, and the doctor told me keep doing whatever your doing.  That said, Krav Maga can save your life, without throwing a single punch, block or kick.


Mitchell Sandler

April 13, 2019

Krav Maga Video – Front Kick with Advance from Neutral Stance (Correct Hand Position Timing).

In this Student Section video we discuss being aware of correct hand position timing while performing the Front Kick with Advance from Neutral Stance (Level 2 technique).

Bearhug From the Front with Arms Free [Leverage on the Neck]April 12, 2019

I cannot tell y’all how much fun it is to teach and watch people grow as Krav Maga practitioners and as people. As you know, we have students from all walks of life and all levels of athleticism. This past Monday, in my level 2 class, we went over the bearhugs from the front. After demoing each move, I more or less sat back and watched as none of these students needed much correction. It is so very rewarding watching things click for people. Mad props to these students (Pete, Ana, Malicious Mitch) for putting in the work. And mad props to the rest of you who keep pursuing greatness in your Krav Maga practice!! We are very proud of you all….except you, Tyler.


PS – We don’t actually have a “Tyler” at our school.

April 11, 2019

Thank you to our student “B.B.” for giving us the latest review of our Krav Maga program:

“Last year at 55, I decided it was time to learn how to defend myself. I have some physical limitations due to a car accident 20 plus years ago so I wasn’t sure what type of program would work for me. I also wanted fitness to be a part of the program.

I found Krav Maga Worldwide in Pompano online. When I spoke with Randall Koch (owner, head instructor) he invited me to watch a class and learn more about the program.

From the moment I walked into the studio I was welcomed by Randall, JJ, and the other students. As I watched the class I realized that the students were helping each other learn the technique being taught. It appeared that each student was not only invested in their own success but also the success of their training partner. The culture that Randall has created is very special and I wanted to be a part of it.

Randall and JJ are both excellent teachers. They are able to watch you perform a technique as if in slow motion and tell you what you need to do to tweak the movement so it is effective. They have also been able to help me modify techniques so my limitations don’t limit my success.

Eleven months later, thanks to Randall, JJ and all my workout partners, especially Mike and Ana, I passed my Yellow Belt Test 9/29/18 and am working toward my Orange Belt.

I would high recommend Krav Maga Worldwide to anyone looking to workout hard and learn a valuable skill, safely.”

April 10, 2019

New Krav Maga Video – Stick Defense Against Overhead Swing – Off Angle/Dead-Side – One Step (Two Mistakes to Avoid with the Stabbing Defense)

This video demonstrates what the two most common mistakes are with the stabbing defense while performing the Stick Defense against Overhead Swing – Off Angle/Dead-Side (Level 4 technique).  It will explain in great details how to avoid these mistakes to ensure the defender does not get hit in the head.

Adventurous. Alone. Attacked.March 29, 2019

Thank you to our student Alison McMahan for sharing this article in our Krav Maga Facebook Student Group earlier this week.

Here’s a copy of her comment:

“This article in the NY Times about women traveling around the world alone mentions Krav Maga more than once. When solo women travelers talk about what they do to prepare to travel alone, training in Krav Maga is always on the list!”

Click this link to read the article:  Adventurous. Alone. Attacked.

March 27, 2019

Krav Maga Video – Headlock from Behind (Chin Position Strategy).

A common question that comes up from Level 1 students when we start pressure testing both defenses for the Headlock from Behind (Bar Arm) and Headlock from Behind (Carotid Choke) is how do you know which way to turn your chin when you are attacked by surprise and don’t know which type of headlock is being applied to you.

This video goes over the correct chin position strategy for these Headlock from Behind defenses.

Mike Donovan

March 22, 2019

Thank you to our student Mike Donovan for giving us this review of our Krav Maga program.

He explains how much weight he’s lost and how his health has improved since joining over three years ago.

Mike is one of the finest individuals you could ever meet… and I’m sure all his classmates would agree! We are all lucky to know him:

“I joined Krav Maga World Wide a little over three years ago and my life has changed so much for the better.

I was extremely out of shape, overweight, and had blood test numbers so out of line the Doctor’s wanted to put me on several different maintenance drugs. I was traveling down the wrong path and needed to make serious changes.

I needed to find an activity and program I would enjoy. I always wanted to learn Martial Arts and Fighting. While searching online I discovered Krav Maga Worldwide in Pompano and wanted to check it out. I was invited to watch a class and learn more.

That is when the magic happened! I was welcomed by Glenda and Randall and was very impressed by the both of them, the other students, and the school. I said to myself, “This is the real deal!!…This is where I need to be…”

At that point, I made a major decision to take care of myself and made my health a priority. I set both short and long term goals to keep me on track. My first short term goal was “Go to class, be there!” I made sure I put my Krav/workout clothes in the car the night before each class. No excuses not to go to Fitness class. That first short term goal was the building block for me to develop more short term goals, keeping me on track to reach my long term goals.

I found the Fitness and Krav Maga classes amazing, fun, and addictive! I trained, and still train, with very supportive Instructors and classmates genuinely interested in my success and keep me motivated to constantly improve.

Shortly after signing up, I noticed a change starting. My eating habits improved, the scale started to move in the right direction, the cardio was improving, and I was feeling better!!

Joining Krav Maga World Wide for the Fitness and Krav Maga Classes was the best decision I have ever made for myself!! Three years later I believe I am in the best shape of my life, turning “50” into the new “30”, losing over 50 lbs., and perfect blood test number results.

This journey continues with continuous goal setting. Also, I still make sure my workout clothes are packed in the car the night before class!

If you are looking to join a great fitness/training program, a program designed to get you in the best shape of your life through diet and exercise, and the support of Instructors and classmates to help you stick with it…YOU found it here at KMW!!”

March 21, 2019

Our Krav Maga Fitness program integrates a lot of workouts that are specific and functional to our Self Defense and Fighting training. The workout that is used most often by our students is the Bas Rutten Mixed Martial Arts Workouts. This video shows how to do the Bas Rutten Boxing Workout while shadow training. This is an excellent warm-up and can also be done in the mirror to monitor your form and technique. Note that I use a lot of footwork or movement between each combination. This will warm-up your lower body faster as well as develop good habits that carry over to sparring. -Randall

Video shows jewelry store owner pummeling 'stupid guy' with Israeli martial art Krav MagaMarch 20, 2019

74 year old man uses Krav Maga successfully against a jewelry store robbery suspect down in Hollywood, FL. Love it!

Read the article here:  Video shows jewelry store owner pummeling ‘stupid guy’ with Israeli martial arts Krav Maga

March 17, 2019

This New Krav Maga Student Section video shows how and why to use the Arm Bar From Guard (Level 3 technique) with the Triangle Choke (Level 4) in combination.

March 14, 2019

This video shows how and why you can create angles while performing the Front Kick with Advance from Fighting Stance (Level 2 technique).

March 10, 2019

Krav Maga video – Choke from the Front against a Wall (Rotational Defense Details).

This video explains how to properly move your shoulders while performing the rotational defense against a Choke from the Front against a Wall (Level 2 technique).

Aggressive Mindset and Skillset.March 7, 2019

Learn to fight back and win in a violent confrontation. Develop the mindset and skillset to keep yourself safe. Start training with us today.

Krav Maga YouTube channelsFebruary 28, 2019

Did you know our Krav Maga training center’s YouTube channel is ranked in the Top 20 Krav Maga Youtube Channels in the world according to Feedspot?

Check out our Krav Maga training center’s YouTube channel:

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